• Patented sleep mask sound blocfepillow lets you sleep in style, anywhere, any time.
  • New – affordable low price and shipping! Hand sewn in the USA.
  • 3 sensory reduction. Use it 4 ways: with or without mask, pillow, or chin strap.
  • Will not slide around and fall off your head at night!
  • No thin straps or Velcro fasteners to tangle in your hair or create an annoying bump.
  • Converts to simple or attachable pillow for reading or watching TV.
  • Includes free soft earplugs and carrying bag.
  • Large cotton eye mask and sound blocking pillow.*
  • Only 100% cool, breathing cotton touches your face. Colorfast, washable.
  • Washington Post: “..worth its weight in psychotropic drugs.”
  • Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine: “An ingenious new invention..”

Product Description

Sleep in Style – Anywhere – Any Time

NAP STAR Transformer is the newest creation of Jim de Cordova, inventor of the first sleep mask with sound-blocking. In 1998, sleeping on a sailboat, de Cordova awoke from a dream about a sleep mask combined with a pillow. He sketched the idea and patented a sleep mask pillow he sells as the Dreamhelmet.

The tri-sensory effect of a soft sound-muffling pillow and eye mask are enough to send most users quickly off to Dreamland. The Dreamhelmet has proved to be the world’s best non-drug sleep aid, and has been written up in more quality publications than any other (in addition to several TV appearances).

NAP STAR is a stylish new sleep mask pillow, designed for an active generation – and now offered at a price anyone can afford. NAP STAR can be used with many CPAP masks and helps keep the CPAP mask straps from shifting.

Why is NAP STAR a ‘transformer’? De Cordova has cleverly redesigned the NAP STAR so you can use it 4 different ways: with or without the mask, pillow, or chin strap – mix or match!

Used as a sleep-mask pillow, there are no thin straps or Velcro connectors around your head to tangle in your hair or make an uncomfortable lump – just a soft pillow. Add to this free high-quality earplugs and a free string-tie carry bag, and you have a sleep kit you cannot afford to be without.

Sleep on planes, trains, buses, in hotels and hostels, camping, on the sofa, or in your own bed.  NAP STAR has ocean blue suede-like fabric on the outside and soft, 100% cotton that caresses your face inside. NAP STAR may be hand-washed or dry-cleaned, and is guaranteed for 30 days against manufacturing defects. NAP STAR is also guaranteed to arrive as a new product, not a returned item previously used and repackaged. It is also guaranteed to contain sound-blocking material inside the pillow. Other sleep mask sellers cannot match our guarantees.

*Please take note: Dreamhelmet and NAP STAR products block more sound than any other sleep aid. Because NAP STAR contains sound-blocking material, it blocks a significant amount – but not all – sound.