How to use Dreamhelmet


Revolutionary! – and patented! You have purchased the most effective simple sleep technology on the market. Finally – a sleep mask large enough to block annoying light, that won’t slip off your face while you sleep, and can be tucked away inside its attached pillow, which contains sound–blocking material – the only sleep mask available with this feature.

The DREAMHELMET™ (USA Patent # 6,088,836), called “ingenious” by Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine, is the first sleep mask to also block sound. As you will see, this revolutionary sleep mask can do much more than any other sleep aid.

To quote K.C. Summers, veteran travel writer for prestigious The Washington Post newspaper: “The DREAMHELMET … is worth its weight in psychotropic drugs. I arrived in London relaxed and rested, having had four hours of uninterrupted sleep – a first for me on a transatlantic flight. And once there, I was able to hit the ground running because I had no jet lag to contend with – another first! The DREAMHELMET is also small, squishable and lightweight (about 7 ounces) and stuffs into a carry-on easily.”

Your DREAMHELMET™ comes with two hidden ‘HiPockets™’ for your passports, credit cards, money, and other valuables. One HiPocket™ is credit card size and the other is designed for your passport. Place your alarm watch or cell phone in one of these pockets and sleep soundly, knowing that your valuables are safe and that you will be able to wake up at the time you choose, without awaking others.

Take the DREAMHELMET™ with you wherever you go – trips, or sporting events – to sit on or to warm your hands. Take it camping; not only will you be able to sleep in long after the sun is up, but it will also keep your head warm and – as a bonus – place ample padding between your sensitive ears and the probing proboscis of any pesky insect.

Care of the DREAMHELMET™ is simple: hand washing (keep flat and press with fingers) and drip-dry is preferred, but it can also be dry-cleaned. If you dry-clean it, be sure the operator knows to keep the DREAMHELMET™ flat and not tumble it, so as not to disturb the inside padding and sound blocking material.

Enjoy the amazing DREAMHELMET™– we welcome your comments, suggestions, and experiences in “adventure sleep” on Amazon.

Jim de Cordova