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customerWe receive communications by e-mail, by fax, and by regular mail. Of course, we also talk with our customers on the telephone.

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A Personal Note:

Hi! My name is Joe Hart. I’m part of the management team here at Dreamcloud Productions. I am also an enthusiastic user of our sleep masks; during the time I have been here I have used all the Dreamhelmets, as well as the Nap Star. I use a Dreamhelmet every single night to enhance my sleep and have difficulty sleeping without it. I suffer from sleep apnea, a serious condition which is characterized by snoring and waking up often – leading to a poor night’s sleep and the tiredness and health problems that go with it.

I was able to conquer my sleep problem by being diagnosed with sleep apnea and getting a prescription for a continuous positive air pressure machine (CPAP). Using the CPAP in combination with the Dreamhelmet has totally changed my sleep life, and increased my well-being and waking activity by at least 100%. Better sleep has enabled me to lose weight now and I look and feel alive and full of energy!

If you have a sleep problem, feel free to call and ask for me personally at our private office number: (800) 400-7708 or send an e-mail to; I will be glad to help out if I can!

dreamhelmet“I used the Dreamhelmet recently on my trip to Bali, Malaysia and Singapore. The helmet was very comfortable and cushioned my head. The Dreamhelmet kept the light out and muffled airplane noise. I felt very relaxed using the dream helmet. I will happily use it on my future flights. Thank you for an innovative product!”

Nina Lee, partner of Lorrin Lee

Here is a glowing report from our Amazon site where we sell our special Dreamcatcher model:

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome–Made a huge difference in my sleep/health, November 11, 2011

This review is from: Dreamcatcher Sleep Mask Sound Blocking Pillow (Health and Beauty)

I have been using the dreamcatcher for over 5 years and it has made a HUGE difference in my sleep. I first discovered it when I was planning travel to Europe. I have a chronic health condition that has a symptom of insomnia and proper sleep is critical to my functioning. I was concerned about how I’d be able to manage the long travel and multiple plane changes and how I’d be able to get some desperately needed sleep on the plane. I researched tons of sleeping aids and devices (I am trained as a researcher so I research EVERYTHING I buy for hours or days!) and decided on the dreamcatcher as the best option. I wanted an option that didn’t involve taking sleep medication so thought I would give it a try.

It was amazing! It covered my face fully so that light was blocked out, the padding covered my ears and the under-chin strap held it snugly. Even on a loud, busy plane I felt “shielded” from the activity and sounds and I slept well. Yes, it may have looked a little “different” but it was totally worth it. The ability for me to get the necessary sleep on the plane was a critical contributor to me being more functional on the trip and I was very pleased (and relieved). I recommended it to others because I wanted them to benefit from my great experience.

EVERY night since then I use the dreamcatcher (and earplugs for additional sound blocking). I am never without it. When I travel it is with me and it is always by my bedside. I have been into natural health for over 25 years and have tried all varieties of natural remedies and allopathic medicine when needed and have researched hundreds of things to support my health. The dreamcatcher is the one simple item that has made a huge difference in my health (sleep is critical for us all!) and I can’t imagine sleep without it.

Another positive is the customer service. The founders of the company are the ones that you talk to when you call and they are 100% willing to discuss the product, patiently field questions or address concerns. It is wonderful in these days and times to have personal service and to interact with someone who is so personally committed to his/her product. Buy it, you’ll love it!

“I just wanted to tell you how very much I enjoy using your Dreamhelmet. I have been using it for almost a year, and could not imagine sleeping without it.

My life before I had a Dreamhelmet was stressful and hectic. I was working an average of 65 hours a week, and the quality of my sleep time was being eroded. I was getting a maximum of 5 hours of sleep, and I was experiencing less dreams. Then one day my wife saw an article in our local newspaper about your product, the Dreamhelmet. I was willing to give anything a try, so we bought your product.

The first night that I tried on the Dreamhelmet I was amazed at how the helmet filtered out all of the light and most of the noise. We live in an apartment and we have venetian blinds and a great amount of light still comes into the bedroom. Well, the Dreamhelmet took care of this problem, and I went to sleep almost immediately, and I started dreaming again.

I must say that the quality of my sleep life has improved 500% since I started using the Dreamhelmet. Also my dreams are much more vivid and memorable. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their sleep and/or dreams. The Dreamhelmet is hands down the best sleep helmet available on the market.”

Bruce R. – Centreville, Virginia

About two months ago I purchased two Dreamhelmets – one for me and one for my boyfriend, Dave. We both think they are terrific!

I used mine on a recent business trip from Baltimore to Toulouse, France. In addition to making my airline travel more comfortable, my Dreamhelmet proved a godsend during my three night stay in Toulouse. I was unfortunate enough to have a hotel room which backed up to a very noisy street, which also happened to sport a flashing green neon sign in close proximity to my window! Were it not for the Dreamhelmet, I know the sound and the light from the street would have left me sleepless and ill-equipped for my meetings – and perhaps driven me to do something that would later on be characterized as an ugly “international incident!”

Dave also gives his Dreamhelmet a rave review. Dave is an airline pilot, and he regularly uses his Dreamhelmet when he must go to bed before sundown or sleep long after sunrise to prepare for his flying schedule. He also uses his Dreamhelmet to get a refreshing snooze on “deadhead” legs. The Dreamhelmet should be standard equipment in every pilot’s flight bag!

The Dreamhelmet always arouses curiosity when people see it – and we always offer an enthusiastic review of the product. We hope this positive “word-of-mouth” advertising translates into additional sales for you.

Thank you for your excellent product. We wish you continued success!

Ms Daryle L. – Bowie, Maryland

San Gabriel Valley News

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“My mom is 72 years old and she recently flew to Kentucky. She used the Dreamhelmet and absolutely loved it! She enjoyed it so much, my sister-in- law wants one and also her mother. …… Thanks for inventing such a wonderful product!”

Benita – Hollywood, California

Here is an informative e-mail exchange with a satisfied customer:

5/3/08 Starts with our letter confirming purchase:
Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for ordering two Outdoorsman Dreamhelmets. We greatly appreciate your purchase – your order is on its way.

We also love hearing from our customers about our product and/or service. If you wish to write us, please send to my attention, thanks.

Joe Hart
VP Customer Service

Then customer replied:

Hello there, we were so surprised at how quickly the order came!
I’m trying mine tonight for the first time. Very nifty invention – we saw it and both had to have one because we are always trying things to keep the light out. Bed, Bath and Beyond sells something that’s more comfortable than other eye masks. It’s cupped instead of tight over the eyes. But, it comes apart and isn’t worth the $10 that it costs. This invention has so many features. I’ll write again once I check it out a few nights.
Thank you,

JenWed, 5/7/08 We wrote back:

Dear Jen,

Thanks so much for your positive comments about the Dreamhelmet. Once you get used to sleeping with one you never want to go back (in my case anyway).

It’s funny you should mention BB&B. A few years ago we checked out their store and saw they really had nothing interesting beyond the usual bed stuff to help folks sleep. We tried to get them interested in the Dreamhelmet and they turned up their nose – rather rudely, too.

Sweet dreams!
Joe Hart

Customer replied :

Hi again, I had the best sleep that I’ve had in awhile! Thanks again!


Got my Dreamhelmet and I ADORE it. We live in Mexico, land of crowing roosters, insane fiestas that go on until 2 a.m., crowing roosters, barking dogs, monster thunderstorms trucks with no mufflers (and we love it here!) But sleep — well, it can be hard. Now I just put my Dreamhelmet on with earplugs and “buenas noches!”

My sister practically fell apart laughing when I put it on to model it for her, but she does a lot of air travel back and forth to Europe…bet she’ll get one for herself one of these days!


I have searched many a website and could not find what I was looking for, and then I came across your site and found exactly what I was looking for.

My neighbors upstairs like to party every night and they blare their music. Earplugs were not really working.

I wanted something comfortable that I could sleep in (not headphones), that would be soundproof and I finally found the perfect item I was looking for.

Newport News, VA

Cheers Joe,

I wanted to write and let you know my wife absolutely loves the Dreamhelmet. she sleeps even better that she was expecting, and getting better sleep has helped her mood tremendously. When she’s happy, I’m happy!

Thanks for such a great product!! Sincerely,
Malcolm – UK

Hi Joe,

We bought our Dreamhelmet sleep masks over a year ago and used them for a long trip from the US to Asia. We can’t express enough how fantastic they were at helping us get some quality sleep for such a long flight, and we’ve used them every night since!

They are incredibly comfortable and well made. What a smart idea!!

Will and Grace

Hello Joe,

I have had migraine headaches all my adult life and I have used eyemasks for years, but when I needed one this time I decided to look for something different. I kept running into recommendations for the Dreamhelmet everywhere. Well, we got our two yesterday in the mail. I used it last night and it is the best sleep I ever got!!

The Dreamhelmet is high quality and made to last I can recommend them to everyone.

Dreamhelmet Fan


I love the Dreamhelmet. I’ve had one for three years now and getting one for a friend who just had a baby! She will be needing some extra sleep.

Allison – Canada

Dear Joe,

It was great talking to you on the phone,
Just want to let you know the Dreamhelmets you sent are perfect and I am going to buy a couple for my parents.

Best regards,

Hi Dreamhelmet Guys!

I’ve had a Dreamhelmet sleep mask for over two years and it is the best thing that I ever bought on the Internet. I love it so much that I take it everywhere! In fact, I bet it’s been around the world twice! I’m buying them for some friends for Christmas and I know they’re going to love them.

After you’ve tried the best (Dreamhelmet) forget the rest!


Hi Joe,

I’m pleased to say my Dreamhelmet arrived quickly and I’ve had a chance to test it out over the last few nights.

I want you to know how completely brilliant I think it is. I use it for an afternoon nap and woke up thinking it was the middle of the night. A million thanks for a super product. I love it!

All the best,

Hi Joe,

I purchased my Dreamhelmet some six months ago. I am a night shift worker and never slept well during the day, but the Dreamhelmet has changed all that I’m able to sleep whenever I want to.

I do use the supplied earplugs which, by the way, are the most comfortable that I have ever used. All this gives me great sleep, however light or noisy it gets outside my bedroom door.

Thanks again,
Lawrence – UK


Thanks so much for the prompt service, and you are so right. The wonderful comfy pillow allowed me to sleep in for the first time in weeks.

Thanks again, I will definitely be recommending you to others.

Hanna – Cheyenne, MT

Dear Joe,

Thanks for the Dreamhelmet which arrived very promptly. It does what it says in the advertising. It really does block noise and light and provide a comfy pillow.

The pillow earplugs, mask, and clock combination are fantastic. Great product and great service!


Dear Joe,

Our Dreamhelmets arrived last weekend – thanks so much! They are really comfortable. We are really looking forward to trying them out on our next camping trip and sleeping in an extra hour or two.

A lot of imagination went into these things!

Chris J.

Hey Dreamhelmet Guys,

I have been using sleep masks for years but the Dreamhelmet is much better than what I’ve been using. It does not irritate my ears like other masks did. Just thought you would like to know.

Thanks very much.
Peter – Sweden


I just tried out the Dreamhelmet — it works great! At the same time I’m glad I’m buying something from a company that still makes a product in America.

Good show!
Joe – Detroit, MI

Thanks, I love your sleep mask. It really brings together the best of everything! I somehow let my old one out of my sight and lost it on vacation. I’m so glad to get the new one — I love the color too (Blue Heaven).



Just a followup. My Dad loves your mask. We will probably be placing another order in the near future for my brother who also works at night and sleeps in the daytime.

Isaac – Colorado


I recently purchased a sleep mask from you and have been using for about six months the mask is very effective sleep aid, but I have one question. I have seen other masks that claimed to do the same as the Dreamhelmet, that is block light and sound, but your website claims you have a patent. What gives?

Paul – Lawrence, KS



We do have a patent. Ours is the world’s first sleep mask to block light and sound. Ours is a utility patent; the strongest kind. Any other product that tries to copy our product does must find a loophole in our patent or they cannot legally sell in the US or Canada.

There are a couple of products marketed on internet that we believe infringe on our patent. Hopefully, we will be able to collect damages sometime in the future.

Joe Hart

To Dreamhelmet

I received my mask and love it. I took a nap today and the light didn’t bother me. I use the earplugs also, as it really cuts out the sounds of my wife snoring. The Dreamhelmet combined with its earplugs really stops the sound!

Thank you again for a great product.

Frank – Austin, TX


I am writing to thank you again for sending me the Dreamhelmet. It was so fast. It works very well to keep out the lights and sound completely. It does what it’s supposed to do and is so comfortable!

Thanks again!

Dear Jim,

You have created a very high quality sleep mask because it allowed my husband to sleep “like an angel” as he put it. And he isn’t normally like that. I think that the comfortable pillow makes you feel like you were in your own little world and is actually very comforting.

I bought one of your fabulous Dreamhelmets to go traveling two years ago and I’ve been delighted with it. I still use it regularly as it is so comfortable!

All the best!
Mrs Reese – Vermont

Dear Sirs,

Your sleep mask is now essential for me as I am a nurse and work the overnight shift. I really love your product and feel is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Gwen – Calgary, Canada

My husband and I both have had a chance to put our Dreamhelmets to use and we love them. We will definitely pass on or what a great product it is to friends and family. Your friendly service has made our purchase even more enjoyable.


Dreamhelmet Staff,

The Dreamhelmet was a gift for my Mom’s birthday and she’s really very happy with it. Thank you for such a great product! We received it so quickly I was astounded! Thanks very much. When I’m ready to take my trip I’ll get myself one too.

Lisa – Chicago, IL

Dear Joe,

I bought the Dreamhelmet a couple of months ago and have been sleeping very well with its help. When looking for in the Internet I almost ordered one where the ads said it blocked 50% of the sound. The Dreamhelmet looked more substantial, so I decided to get yours. I thought you had a patent on the Dreamhelmet concept, but the other company that he has a patent too. What’s up with that?

Marcos – New Jersey, USA



Thanks for your interest in the Dreamhelmet, and for your letter.

That’s a very good question. We do have a utility patent – the strongest kind of patent..

Jim de Cordova was the first in the world to come up with the idea of combining a sleep mask with sound blocking. The pillow portion which carries the sound-blocking material completes the comfort (touch) part of the three-part idea (blocking sight, hearing, touch).

Some time after Jim’s patented invention was made public, a couple of people got the bright idea of just leaving off the pillow (touch) part and trying to devise a sleep mask that also, somehow, blocked some sound. Both of the products we know of are partial knockoffs inspired by Jim’s invention.

As far as their claims to block 50% of sound; I can say that, without earplugs, that number is a fabrication, as are their claims of product originality. In my opinion, figures more like 5-25% sound blocking (depending on which product) would be more realistic.

The patent that you mentioned is only a design patent. This means he legally can only make and sell the one item you see on his website. It has almost nothing over the ears; it blocks almost no sound.

Joe Hart


I’ve tried many sleeping masks in the past but most are just too flimsy to do the job. The Dreamhelmet mask is sturdy and comfortable. It truly cuts out the light. The concept of dimming light and sound all wrapped up in the cozy pillow works so well for me, I’m amazed someone didn’t think of it before. It is pure genius! You have a lifetime customer!

Phil, from Philly, PA


I used the Dreamhelmet last night and had the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. I usually wake up two to three times in the night and usually about an hour before the alarm rings. With the Dreamhelmet and the alarm watch you sent I stopped being nervous and slept right through. Your little alarm woke me up gently and right on time! Getting enough sleep puts me on a natural high!



I’m a hiker and a camper and two years ago I bought the Dreamhelmet and use it often, but sometimes I keep forget to take it with me when I go out. So, as extra protection I ordered two more – one for my car and one for my pickup. You have invented a special product for the outdoors

Neil — Oregon

To Dreamhelmet,

I’m pleased to see the Dreamhelmet is such a high quality product. Intelligently designed and well made in the USA. Unfortunately not very many products can make the same claims nowadays.

I’ve been sleeping much, much better thanks to you guys.

Stefan – Las Vegas, NV

To whom it may concern

Thank you for creating such a neat product. I bought a Dreamhelmet from you a few months ago and liked it so much that I got one for my brother too. I’d probably find it hard to sleep without the Dreamhelmet now.


Dreamhelmet Staff,

I wanted to say thanks for fast service on the Dreamhelmet order. It got here in time for my trip. I really slept quite well on the plane with it. I never realized how much difference a sleep aid that blocks light and sound could make.

I was the most lively one with the most energy when we started our tour, thanks to you.

Love your product!
Vivian – Washington, D.C.


I live in Alaska and your Dreamhelmet has made both the long cold winter in the long light summer more like living life in a normal part of the world. Your sleep mask is the best there is (but you already know that). The combination of light and sound blocking with a pillow is a stroke of genius!


Dear Joe,

I am writing to say how much I totally love the Dreamhelmet. The whole package shows so much thought has gone into this invention. I especially love the secret pockets. I placed my rings in them at night put them back on when I wake up. Everybody should have one!

I have been using the Dreamhelmet for over two years and it is the greatest. I’m overly sensitive to noise and light and since using the helmet have had no trouble at all. I always remember to take the mask when I wherever I go and I have ordered several more for gifts.

Thanks for such a wonderful product!


I just wanted to write and say thanks for the efficient service and the super product. It arrived quickly considering it had to come all the way from the US to Australia. The Dreamhelmet idea and the product itself is such a brilliant concept!!


Dear Joe,

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that my husband and I are thoroughly enjoying our Dreamhelmets. We have been able to get so much extra sleep that we feel wonderful the next day and are ready to really enjoy life.

PS – I am a little hesitant to mention it, but suffice it to say that Martin (my husband) has had more energy at night too – thanks!!!

Dear Bob,

I just wanted to thank you for your awesome customer service. You answered all my questions perfectly, and I wanted to let you know that the Dreamhelmet is everything you said it was and more. I have been sleeping so well with it! I’m going to tell my friends.

Thank you again,

Dear Joe,

I just wanted to write you something you could post on your website if you wanted. The Dreamhelmet has been wonderful for me and my family. I am able to take naps on the porch or anywhere else in the house and not be disturbed by the children. It’s made a great difference in my life and I want to thank you and all those associated with the production of this wonderful invention.

Greg – Hot Springs, AR


Thank you for the fantastic product! It so much better than I expected and extremely comfortable and well made. I’ve actually managed to sleep past eight o’clock all weekend without anyone disturbing me. What a difference to wake up naturally!

I’m looking forward to Jim’s next invention! Please let me know.

Howard – New York

Dear Joe,

Just wanted to let you know that the mask arrived in time for my trip without paying the extra for overnight shipping. Tell Bob I really appreciate his suggestion not to spend the extra money. The Dreamhelmet is truly a dream come true. I was able to sleep or a very long flight and I arrived with very little jet lag for a change.

Thank you so much



I’m on my third Dreamhelmet and still going strong. They are durable and well made but I use them every night and I wash them so frequently so I’ve been wearing them out.

I love them anyway and hope your company never goes out of business. I’ve come to depend on them to get a good night’s sleep or even a nap during the day. I love your product and love your company.


Dear Sirs,

I’ve had time now to try out to Dreamhelmet during the day and during the night and I must say that I am very impressed with it. Your shady tree theory works like a charm I can hardly hear dogs barking or any activity outside of my little cocoon. I would just like to thank you and Jim, the inventor, for making such a fine product.

William – Ohio


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the Dreamhelmet I slept through till 9 a.m. Barking dogs and construction work going on all over our neighborhood. How I wish I’d bought one of these years ago. Now I never go anywhere without it.

Jerry – Phoenix, AZ


Thanks for much so much for your kind words, it really made my day. The Dreamhelmet has really revolutionized my life. For the first time in years I’m able to really recommend a fantastic product (I didn’t fail to notice you make them in the USA, too).

After using the mask for a while I began to realize that many of my health problems were due to a lack of sleep and I didn’t even know it. Thanks to the Dreamhelmet I think I’m on my way to a happier, fuller life.

Thanks a bunch you and the inventor of the Dreamhelmet!

Best wishes,
Marcy — Minnesota

Dear Dreamhelmet,

I ordered several Dreamhelmets last year before Christmas. My family loves them. They’re clearly the best sleep aids in existence. I have tried just about every other silly mask on the market over the past years.

You have great customer service and product. Our entire family is/are your customers for life.

The Martins


Thanks for your kind words on the phone the other day. I wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciated the Dreamhelmet. As I said, I have suffered from insomnia for most of my life and have tried many ways to improve my sleep. The Dreamhelmet has shown me the way the extra sleep. Through its “shady tree” effect it has calmed my mind and soothed my senses so that I am able to get a lot of extra sleep and I’m feeling much better every day.

Thank you again – all the best!
Terry – Denver, CO

Dreamhelmet Folks,

My sleep mask arrived a week ago, and I was delighted to see that the pillow was adequate and I was able to fit most comfortably around my head. The Dreamhelmet is very well made, and I expect to order one or two more in the near future.

Many thanks,
Rich – Des Moines, Iowa

Dear Joe,

I love the Dreamhelmet for several reasons. The shady tree effect really works for me and lets me go to sleep faster and sleep longer and more soundly. Secondly, the secret pockets are such a great idea for storing my reading glasses so I have zero chance of breaking or misplacing them. Last, but not least, is the fact that the ample pillow and facemask keep my hair in place so it just requires a little brushing out in the a.m. and I’m all ready to go. Some other sleep masks I used before have thin straps that tangled in my hair or left an impression in my hair that ran all the way around my head.

Thanks for a fine product!
Anna – San Francisco, CA

Dear Bob,

My doctor diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. He says that one of the symptoms is tiredness and pain in various parts of the body. He prescribed some pills and said that getting more sleep can go a long way toward curing this problem.

I didn’t really understand everything he told me (he’s a foreign doctor) but I did buy one of your Dreamhelmets. I wanted to let you know that the extra sleep I got with it has really made a big difference in the way I feel.

You should advertise your Dreamhelmets at internet sites that have to do with medical problems, and fibromyalgia in particular. I think you could help a lot of people.

Janice — San Diego, California

To whom it may concern,

I noticed on your site that you are giving free Dreamhelmets away to soldiers and sailors on active duty. I think that is so awesome and I want to say that I really appreciate it. I don’t know of any other company on the Internet doing that for our soldiers.

Best of luck to you and your business.
Robert – Oceanside, CA

Dreamhelmet Management,

Dear Sirs,

I want to thank you so much for your offer on your website to send your Dreamhelmet to soldiers. I sent one to my son and he wrote back and said that it was a great help for sleeping on base. He was not allowed to take it with them in the field but he says everybody asks about it and he has to hide it so someone doesn’t “borrow” it

Thanks for your generous offer and your great product

Sincerely yours
Soldier’s Mother

Dear Joe,

Thanks for taking my order over the phone. Thanks also for telling me about the free watch special. I have been trying out the Dreamhelmet and the alarm watch and it has been helping me sleep and wake up much better.

I know when I place the watch in the secret pocket but it will wake me up on time and I will not oversleep. This takes all the worry out of sleeping for me. I’m able to get a great night’s sleep and wake up on time, just like your website says.

I appreciate your wonderful service, products, and freebies. I will definitely recommend the Dreamhelmet.


Hey Dreamhelmet!

Just a little feedback to let you know that you have a wonderful sleep mask. It is comfortable because it doesn’t wrap tightly around my head like some other sleep masks have. The chinstrap is not confining at all but it does keep the Dreamhelmet from sliding up over my head. This is a great design and a superior product. Other sleep masks with thin straps that go around the head always used to leave my hair looking terrible in the morning and I could never seem to brush out that that line in my hair. With the Dreamhelmet I never have to worry about that.

Thank you

Dear Joe,

Wow! I never tried anything so comfortable. The chinstrap doesn’t let the Dreamhelmet shift at all, even though I don’t have to put it very tight. The pillow is comfortable and actually keeps my hairdo in place, unlike other sleep masks I have tried where their thin straps get tangled up in my hair. I’m going to buy a couple of these for some friends.

Thanks again

To whom it may concern,

I’m a truck driver and sleep in my cab when I get tired and whenever my schedule permits. I find it a lot easier to get to sleep using the Dreamhelmet. Driving a truck is a big responsibility – if you go to sleep at the wheel you can hurt a lot of people, including yourself.

I wish some automobile drivers out there would get a Dreamhelmet and do the same thing I do. Dozing off while driving is a major cause of serious highway accidents. I know you have mentioned that on your website and I wish it could be made into a big deal for the public.

I worry when I see automobile drivers on the road zipping in and out of traffic like they were professional race drivers. Then I see some of them weaving over lanes like they are drunk or about to go to sleep – or both!

Then later on down the road I see a car in the ditch or tangled up in a serious accident. About half the time it’s one of the same cars I saw driving funny before.

If these drivers would just carry a Dreamhelmet in their car they could take a little nap if they are tired or a little tipsy – before they get back behind the wheel and risk their lives.

Thanks for inventing a superior sleep product.


PS – I like the secret pockets. I use them to carry chewing gum and cash.

Dreamhelmet People,

We have a new baby. I have a Dreamhelmet and share it with my wife. We take turns getting up when baby cries. One of us uses the Dreamhelmet and sleeps one takes care of the baby – then we trade off. It really helps us get a lot of extra sleep. I appreciate this thoughtful product and so does my wife (I hope the baby does too).

Randy – Pittsburg, PA

To whom it may concern,

I’m in law enforcement. I work in and around LA. I pull a lot of night shift work and I see serious accidents out there on the road every night.

A lot of these accidents could be avoided if the drivers would not get behind the wheel when they were tired. I bought one of your Dreamhelmets and it really helps me to get a little extra sleep whenever I get a break. In fact, I would rather take a nap than eat donuts (that’s a joke). It helps me stay extra alert.

In my opinion, it would be a good idea to make it mandatory that everyone who drives should carry a sleep device just like the Dreamhelmet. If you go out in a boat and the Coast Guard stops you, you are required to show that you have a life vest for every person on board. I think it would be a great idea to require drivers to carry something that will allow them to take a nap in case they become tired – and require them to do so.

I believe we could cut traffic accidents in half if such a law existed.

I love working in law enforcement, but it depresses me to see so many lives unnecessarily wrecked when a simple item like a Dreamhelmet might prevent the accident that caused it.

Name withheld – Santa Clarita, CA


I wanted to say I like your sleep mask pillow…thanks for creating it. I am a very fussy eye mask customer, and yours ranks right up there….nice cotton. Just thought you might want to know.

A happy customer.