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Sleep in Style, Anywhere, Any Time!

For travel by air, land, sea, even in outer space! Designed for long-term daily use at home, hotel, hostel, or camping!

A flag you can use every day. (none in stock-special order only) (Special order only – 1 dozen...
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Deep ocean blue suede fabric. All Dreamhelmets now have expanded HiPockets for IPods and cell phones...
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We use faux leopard skin – so animals can keep theirs. We donate to environmental causes.  ...
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For all outdoors people. Because pillow stays on – mosquitoes stay off!   ADD TO CART
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Nap Star Transformer sleep mask pillow - 'The Dreamhelmet Lite'.

Mask/pillow adjustments on both sides means the eye mask is always centered over your nose - 'just set it and forget it'. (3 pieces - Does not double as a hand warmer - no secret Hi-Pockets)






Visit our friends at the FEDORA PRIMO Hat Store, at 216 Pier Avenue in Ocean Park (Santa Monica, CA 90405)
and say hello to the owner, Frank; he has sample Dreamhelmets and Nap Star Transformers for you to inspect.

How to use Dreamhelmet

25 reasons why you should want the DREAMHELMET

(or - What would you pay for an extra 1 to 4 hour's sleep per day?)


  1. Comfortably pillows the head
  2. Lets you sleep anywhere – home, office, planes, hotels
  3. Helps support the neck
  4. Blocks light - helps your body produce Melatonin for natural sleep
  5. Muffles sound with patented attached sound-blocking pillow
  6. Helps relieve insomnia and migraine headaches
  7. Converts to a attachable travel pillow.
  8. Is Velcro adjustable - one size fits all
  9. Has secret Velcro-sealing to hide passport, credit cards, alarms, cell phones.
  10. Converts to independent support pillow for driving, sitting in bleachers, or at the computer.
  11. Converts to a muff, to keep hands and fingers warm.
  12. Protects the head and keeps ears warm while sleeping outdoors
  13. Protects campers from mosquitoes
  14. Lets campers sleep long after sunrise.
  15. Totally hypoallergenic - only 100% cotton touches your skin.
  16. Comes in 8 attractive styles
  17. Won’t slip off your head (has a patented chin strap)
  18. Won’t tangle your hair – no thin straps or Velcro fasteners
  19. Makes great gift for those who need sleep – or who have everything.
  20. Free soft foam earplugs included
  21. Free string-tie carrying bag included
  22. HiSigns – instructions to Airlines flight crews to make your flight easier.
  23. Is an American invention and is manufactured in the USA.
  24. Ingenious, single-piece ‘transformer’ design – nothing to get lost, or stolen by pets
  25. Dreamhelmet is recommended by more travel professionals, major publications and national media than any other sleep aid.


Dreamhelmet Sleep Mask Sound Blocking Pillow


Anyone who needs extra sleep – ‘The 99%’


  • Business people – to have a refreshing ‘power nap’
  • Students – to get a nap between classes – not during class
  • Campers – to keep mosquitoes off and sleep long after sunrise
  • Travelers – to sleep on planes and in hotels and hostels
  • Armed Forces - They really need one!
  • Workers on night/graveyard shift – sleep in full daylight
  • Nurses – quick between shift naps
  • New mothers – get back to sleep quick after attending to ‘little buddy’
  • Hospital patients – they may not want to see and hear everything!
  • Drivers - Don't take a chance! Safety officials say pull over and take a nap if you find yourself dozing off at the wheel. The DREAMHELMET sleep mask pillow lets you do that anywhere. Sleepy drivers cause more than 150,000 accidents per year in the USA alone!


  • Use CPAP and Dreamhelmet together. Dreamhelmet keeps CPAP straps in place.
  • Order three or more DREAMHELMETS and get a free one-of-a-kind handmade adventure travel purse (choose your color scheme)
  • Important note to our international customers: We urge you to check with your local postal service to see if they impose any other fees for delivery. For instance, we have become aware that the Royal Mail has been collecting special handling fees and VAT (value added tax) from our UK customers. As much as we want to sell you the best sleep aid on the market, we believe you should know all costs beforehand!

Patented and produced in the USA (Patent # 6,088,836 Issued 18 July, 2000). Keep America working! Don't settle for multi-piece, inferior, and foreign -made substitutes. Sleep in style - you and yours deserve the best!

Sleep mask with sound-block. All one piece - has secret money-carrying pockets too! The World's first and only..."An ingenious new invention.." says Arthur Frommer (Budget Travel Magazine).

Hand sewn in the USA using only the best selected materials.